By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Vaughan and Richmond Hill Home Prices Continue Sky Rocket

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Richmond Hill and Vaughan home prices are simply sky rocketing up much faster than any other community across Canada and will continue throughout 2016 and possibly beyond. We at the AR Team believe that York Region still has room to grow further for essentially three good reasons for this phenomena to continue is as follows; 1. Lack of inventory - York Reg...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Richmond Hill House Prices Surpass Toronto

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  Its official! Richmond Hill house prices have surpassed that of Toronto average housing price. As this news may come of a shock to some Toronto residents, we at the AR Team, of Forest Hill real estate have been encouraging our clients for over a decade to discover why Richmond Hill is a great place to live and invest your hard earned money. Over the last 5 years most of the 18...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Toronto Real Estate Professionals Express Fear Over Escalating Housing Costs in Toronto

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Various real estate professionals from the new and resale home sectors are joining forces to make consumers and politicians aware of the escalating concern with skyrocketing costs of housing ownership. It's been nearly a decade since the construction industry has been finding “creative ways” to build affordable housing owership in To...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

York Region Seeking Input From Richmond Hill Residents on Transportation

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York Region is looking for residents input on the future of Vaughan and Richmond Hill public transportation systems.  According to recent research and planning, York region is forecasted to grow to 1.7 million population (that is over 55% increase from current) by 2041, as the result of anticipated futute growth of the region, a review is requir...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

How to Buy Your First Home Faster

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Rick and Anastasia    16 November 2015  dream home experienced realtor Today saving up for downpayment for home purchase, can feel frustrating and difficult. You have to make the effort to cut back or eliminate on going out, buying Lattes at Starbucks, avoid impulse buying, and cut down the overall debt, After doing all that you still may find you...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Land Transfer Taxes Outside Toronto Could Rise

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An Ontario’s real estate lobby group is warning all Ontario home buyers about the provincial government considering to grant individual cities/municipalities outside of Toronto, the authority to levy their own land transfer taxes on home purchases in the future, despite the province of Ontario assurance that a decision has not been made on the matter. ...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Green LEED Construction Pays Off for Owners

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A recently released independent 10-year study of 300 green/LEED built commercial office buildings throughout Canada and the United States shows evidence that going green dramatically improves the bottom line for commercial office buildings owners/landlords and developers. The 300 buildings observed in the study are all from Bentall Kennedy’s North A...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Should Ontarians Be Concerned With Real Estate Market?

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  Toronto's hot residential real estate market, affordability factor is becoming a major concern for more and more for hard working Ontario families, and singles. Saving for a down payment to buy a home in Toronto is increasingly dificult and becoming out of reach today rendering many people as permenant renters. Buying an average prop...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Canadian Real Estate Stats

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    I want to share some interesting real estate stats pertaining to Canadians. Canada is a growing net migration country as such the country is growing it's major urban centres and investors who would like to place their money in Canadian real estate growth markets will find these stats of interest. Top 5 Canadian cities for net Migration 1. Toronto with over 500,...Read More

By: Anastasia D. Wilson

Toronto's Home Bidding War Hangover and Cost

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    Toronto's Home Bidding War Hangover and Hidden Cost As agent that specialize in the Vaughan and Toronto area real estate market, I have seen some interesting and crazy bidding wars on some home listings that end up selling for over 50% over asking price. Given the current real estate market condition, where interest rates are very low and housing...Read More